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What is TCR²'s official name?
TCR²'s official name is TCR² Therapeutics, Inc.
Where is the TCR² corporate headquarters?
TCR² is headquartered at:
100 Binney St., Suite 710
Cambridge, MA 02142
When was TCR² incorporated?
TCR² was incorporated in 2015
When was TCR²'s IPO? At what price?
TCR² went public on February 14, 2019” and $15 per share
On what exchange is TCR² traded and what is its ticker symbol?
TCR² is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market with the stock symbol TCRR.
When does TCR²'s fiscal year end?
December 31st
Does TCR² expect to pay dividends?
TCR² does not anticipate issuing dividends on its stock in the foreseeable future.
Who are TCR²'s independent auditors?
TCR²'s independent auditors are KPMG LLP.
Who are TCR²'s corporate counsel?
TCR²'s outside legal counsel is Goodwin Proctor LLP.
Where can I find more information or materials on TCR²?
Please visit www.tcr2.com or email investors@tcr2.com.
Where can I find documents TCR² has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including its Prospectus and Annual and Interim Reports?
Our SEC filings are listed on the SEC's web site, www.sec.gov. You may also visit www.investors.tcr2.com and select financials.
Whom should I contact regarding investor enquiries?